Friday, July 7, 2017

Profitable Potatoes

Remember back in February when i found a bag of potatoes while dumpster diving?

No?  Allow me to refresh your memory

I've been having mixed results with the garden this year.  some things are doing really well, other things seem to have barely gotten off the ground.

you may also recall that i had big huge plans to grow a lot of food this year; way more than i've ever grown before.  unfortunately, that didn't happen. partly due to weather, partly due to not being able to source all of the supplies i needed to make it happen.

we had a record rainy spring and simply put, a lot of the seeds i planted got flooded!  oh well.  as much as Id like to grow  my own food, it is nice to live in a time and place where i can zip down to the store and pick up groceries at my convenience.

anyway, back to our topic.  the potatoes have been growing by leaps and bounds in some old laundry baskets i also happened to find in the trash.  unfortunately i didn't have enough soil to fill the potato baskets so they are growing in just compost.  if we abide by the law of "as above so below" it would be resonable to assume that the tuber growth is just as prolific, except i havent seen much root development (growing in baskets is handy for keeping an eye on that, or at least one would think)

i want to dig up one of the plants and see if its setting tubers at all or if its just leafing out and this is all for show, but im nervous about uprooting the plants prematurely.  also its possible the plant simply hasnt had time to develop new tubers, but this is my first time growing potatoes so i have absolutely no idea what im doing, and quite literally making things up as i go along.

anyway, potatoes are a very fast growing plant and its fun to watch them thrive

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as always, thank you for reading :)

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